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Leica GPS1200 RTK

Leica GPS1200 RTK

Type : RTK

Basic Package :

Antenna 2 pcs Reciver 2 pcs Controller 2 pcs Tribrach 1 pcs
Carrier 1 pcs Controller 1 pcs
Cable Antenna 2 pcs
Cable Controler 2 pcs
DL Pacific Crest External Radio for Base 1 pcs

PDL Pacific Creternal Radio for Rover 1 pcs

Antenna External Radio for Basepcs
Antenna External Radio for Rover 1 pcs
attery 2 pcs Height Hook 1 pcs Tripod/statif 1 pcs Stick/pole 1 pcs
Pole + Bracket Antenna External Radio for Base 1 pcs
Pole Antenna External Radio for Rover 1 pcs

Cable power & data External Radio for Base 1 pcs

Carier bag for Rover 1 pcs
Card Reader 1 pcs


Designed and built to the most stringent standards with the latest measurement technologies, LEICA System 1200 instruments are extremely efficient and reliable, and stand up to the most severe environments.

A new, highly intuitive user interface, a multitude of functions and features, powerful data management, and userprogramming capabilities are common to both System 1200 GPS and TPS instruments.

Operators can switch instantly between GPS and TPS and use whichever is the most convenient and suitable; extra training is not required.

These new high-tech GPS and TPS instruments with identical operation enable you to do every type of job, faster, more accurately and more efficiently than ever before.

SmartTrack GPS technology
GPS1200’s SmartTrack measurement engine acquires all visible satellites within seconds, tracks to low elevations, and measures under trees and in areas of interference where other receivers often fail. Strong signals, highly effective multipath mitigation and advanced anti-jamming guarantee top GPS performance.

A further advantage is that GPS1200 receivers with SmartTrack technology are designed so that they can be upgraded to support future GPS satellite signal developments. Your investment is secure.

SmartCheck 30 km RTK
RTK is faster, more accurate and more reliable than ever before. SmartCheck processes SmartTrack measurements for centimeter-accuracy, 20 Hz RTK at 30 km or more. Initialize within seconds and survey under trees and where RTK never worked in the past. A unique, built-in integrity monitoring system checks all results immediately

Exceptionally rugged
Don’t worry about how your crews handle GPS1200. It’s built to MIL specs to withstand the roughest use. With its strong, precisionmachined magnesium housing, GPS1200 stands up to drops and falls and the jolts and vibrations of machines. Even the RTK pole equipment survives falls.

Immune to bad weather
Designed for temperatures from –40°C to +65°C (storage +80°C), GPS1200 shrugs off arctic cold and blistering heat. Fully waterproof – withstands immersion to 1 m – sand and dustproof, it operates perfectly in any conditions from tropical rainfall (up to 100% humidity) to desert sandstorms. GPS 1200 just keeps on working.

High contrast touch screen
The high quality 1 /4 VGA (11 lines by 32 characters) touch screen guarantees perfect clarity and contrast. Whether in fading light or bright sunshine, you can always read the display perfectly. Operate using the touch screen or the QWERTY keyboard, whichever you prefer.

With or without controller
Connect the controller to the receiver when you need to input information and make full use of the on-board functions and programs. Use with or without the controller at reference stations and for static surveys.

Keyboard illumination
Switch on the display and keyboard illumination when working at night. All the keys light up.

RTK/DGPS communication
Radio modems, GSM, high-speed wireless and TDMA modules fit in waterproof housings attached to the receiver. Attach either one or two devices for RTK/DGPS reference and rover applications.

Price Per Day

IDR 1.500.000

Minimum Duration

- Day


Summary Description
Receiver type Dual-frequency, GNSS, geodetic, real-time RTK receiver
Summary of measuring, modes and applications Static, rapid static, kinematic On the fly L1 + L2, code, phase Real-time RTK standard Post processing DGPS/RTCM standard Survey, geodetic and real-time RTK applications
Receiver Housing
LED status indicators 3: for power, tracking, Bluetooth
Ports 1 RS232 clip-on port
1 USB/RS232 port
1 Bluetooth port
Supply voltage Nominal 12V DC
Power consumption Range 10.5-28V DC Typically 1.8W, 150mA
Dimensions 186mm x 89mm
Weight, receiver only 1.12kg