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Type :

GPS Antenna 1 pcs
Adaptor Charger 12v 1 pcs
Cable external power 1 pcs
Cable Antenna GPS 1 pcs
Cable Pin 5 to RS232 male 1 pcs
Cable Pin 5 to RS232 female 1 pcs
Connector RS232 to USB 1 pcs
Cable Ethernet 1 pcs
Transducer 1 pcs

This ‘All in One’ compact unit features integrated RTK GNSS positioning, a dual channel echo
sounder, with full water column recording, internal data logging and a rechargeable NiMH battery.

Encased in a virtually indestructible Pelican case the CEESCOPE™ has been designed and
manufactured using high quality components to withstand harsh environments.
It can be easily deployed on small opportunistic platforms, including: kayaks, canoes, personal
water crafts (jet ski) and other small vessels.

CEESCOPE™ Advanced features
The echo sounder operates in automatic or manual mode and is capable of recording a
high resolution (3200 spp) full water column acoustic envelope. This results in extremely
detailed acoustic data for accurate post processing analysis. Integrated with the latest GNSS receivers the
unit utilises all known GNSS signals, this makes the unit a future proof investment.
Wireless connectivity makes it easy to link with external hardware, including: Tablet PC, PDA
and Notebook PC. A removable waterproof USB memory stick connects to the unit making it simple to log real
time data and then transfer logged survey data to a PC. All data is internally PPS time stamped.

Price Per Day

IDR 1.100.000

Minimum Duration



Dimensions 30.0 x 25.0 x 13.8 cm (L x W x D) 11.81” x 9.84” x 5.43”
Display 420 x 272 touch screen colour LCD
Weight 3.65 kg (8.05 lbs)*
Connectors LEMO 1K & 2K series, Industrial RJ45, TNC
Echo Sounder
Mode Auto Shallow, Auto or Manual
Depth range* 0.15 – 200 m (0.6 – 650 ft) @ 200 kHz 0.75 - 200 m (2.5 - 650 ft) @ 24/33kHz
Accuracy 1 cm ± 0.1% of depth